AIL at a glance

AIL is in the business of creating high quality fragrances, flavours and natural skin care products for over 30 years now. Today, we have achieved immense success in blending the benefits of modern research with the mystical powers of beautifying herbs, to manufacture high quality products. Which is why perhaps, our products are truly exceptional and really exclusive. Besides, our specialization in customizing our products also helps us reach consumers at the most affordable prices.

Our people, Our strength :
We, at AIL owe our success to our people. It is our dynamic team of perfumers, chemists, technicians and marketers, who bring fresh perspective to traditional methods of production. They work together to create the taste and aroma that captures the dreams and desires of consumers worldwide. AIL spares no efforts in connecting with the mass as well as niche markets, identifying opportunities and making the best of them.

Our Creativity. Our driving force :
We keep a strong track record in its ability to stimulate the creative process. Our creative team is called upon regularly to translate ideas and trends in the form of new concepts or mood boards. This process is externally or internally driven and the results are used to brainstorm ideas, provide stimuli for workshops, provide stimuli for quantitative consumer research and develop new concepts.

Marketing and Sales :
This arm of AIL ensures the liaison between perfumers and the sales team. It very efficiently harmonizes the customer’s demand with the creator’s work. Our sales team works closely with our technical partners on thousands of product references, to keep up with the market trends and create innovative products.

Market Research & Consumer Insights :
When we say, we know the consumer we’re not exaggerating. Simply because, we think, act, eat and even breathe like the consumer. Our consumer insight and marketing teams are constantly tracking the changing trends and lifestyles and are providing us with quantitative data and valuable insights.

Research & Development :
AIL’s desire to be on the leading edge of the niche markets, led the Company to develop its own research and development, exploiting new ingredients and technology breakthroughs to formulate, produce, package, and market–Industrial as well as consumers products of high quality

As a tradition, AIL has always devoted a significant percentage of its turnover to R & D. Our constant endeavour at innovating is responsible for the top quality products, which have set a benchmark for the competition. From concept to product birth, these basic principles enable us to offer fragrances, flavours and FMCG products that make your imagination come true.

Evaluations :
This part of the AIL system plays a major part by continuously analyzing different market sectors. It works by tapping different areas including the following:
1) Evaluation of the market products, definition of the new olfactory trends and new concepts
2) Definition of the major development projects and coordination of their execution with the perfumers and the application laboratory.
3) Evaluation of competitive products and definition of new application trends.

Sensory Department :
This important unit of AIL works in a three-pronged manner.
1) Setting up evaluations to standard protocols and evaluating fragrances in different mediums.
2) Screen and train internal employees to join sensory panel.
3) Submit report on each project.

Application Laboratory :
This unit is critical in AIL. After all, it monitors the success of the perfumer’s work. The application laboratory ensures that each fragrance will have a lasting stability in its environment. Our creative center is equipped with the most modern technology, which enables us to cover a range of applications and thus respond to our customers’ every need. Today, we at AIL can also test fragrances in a wide range of end product bases. Additionally, our library has a sample base of over 1000 different raw materials.

Quality Control :
Undoubtedly, the most important department of AIL, it monitors all the incoming and outgoing products. Controlling is effected by olfaction and by using appropriate technical devices like Chromatography, Densimeter, Ph Meter, GCMS, Flashpoint and Refractive index, to list a few.

Organic Department :
The natural ingredients of perfumes come from flowers, fruits, seeds, leaves, wood, roots, grasses and other natural extracts. Nature has offered us these ingredients from the dawn of time. That is why our technical partners have developed an independent department of Certified Organic Raw Materials and Perfumes Compounds. This department has been certified by ECOCERT according to the Environmental and Organic Cosmetic products ' standard.

Today, AIL doesn’t just formulate, but also packages and markets industrial, as well as consumer products of the best quality.

From concept to completion, these basic principles enable us, at AIL to create products that make you irrestible.